Stone Therapy

From the beginning of mankind, stones have been used by different cultures through history, in order to bring fortune, love and health. Nowadays, a whole body of consensual knowledge on the utilization of the different particularities of each stone exists.
Lately, alternative therapies associated with stones had evolved in an intense manner. As a consequence, many stones just known by a small group of experts became massively known.
Here at Gruta Minerales, you will find exotic stones that will reach you directly from the mine, in the case of natural ones, and from our workshops, when it comes to handcrafted ones.

Those who look for this type of material know how important this is. It is not by chance that we are a reference for stone therapists.

Solids of Platon
Crystals for Reiky networks
Tumbled stones
Master quartzes: generators, tantric twins, Windows, Isis
Elestial quartzes
Laser or lemuria quartzes

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